Trampoline Accident Compensation of €35,000 for Girl who Broke Ankle

A schoolgirl who broke her ankle jumping in a trampoline accident has settled her High Court action for €35,000.

Shauna O’Gorman (13), in her legal action, alleged there had been a failure to supervise the activity on the trampoline properly, a failure to ensure the matting was properly and safely placed and that a hazard was allegedly permitted to exist in the activity area.

All of these allegations were refuted by the defendants and it was argued that there was alleged negligence on the part of the young girl. The argument was that the girl landed on a crash mat in an awkward fashion. Along with this the defence claimed that the girl had not informed them that she had previously broken her left foot.

They also said that she (Shauna) failed to obey the specific and repeated instructions given to her rin relation to the correct way to land on the mats.

Shauna was participating in a gymnastic event as part of an annual school tour and children were taking turns jumping on the trampoline. Ms O’Gorman, who had already jumped on the trampoline once, was just having her second go when the accident took place.

Ms O’Gorman’s legal representative, Sara Moorehead SC, told the court that the children were jumping on to matting on the floor. Another parent said that she felt the mats on the floor were not close enough together.

Justice Kevin Cross was informed that an MRI last year showed the child’s ankle as now returned to normal. After the accident Shauna had a plaster on her ankle and could not go on the first week of a family in Turkey that year. However she was permitted to join the group for the second week.

Ms O’Gorman, took the trampoline accident compensation action via her father Joseph O’Gorman, against Irish Gymnastics Ltd, operating as Gymnastics Ireland with offices at Blanchardstown, Dublin due to the accident on June 12, 2015.

Mr Justice Kevin Cross, as he was approving the child accident compensation settlement,  said it was a satisfactory settlement.

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