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Hospital Settles Compensation Claim for a Patient Fall from a Trolley

The Adelaide and Meath Hospital has settled a compensation claim for a patient fall from a trolley made by a man who was forced to sleep in a corridor.

The compensation claim for a patient fall from a trolley was made by Anthony Whelan – a sixty-four year old caretaker from Tallaght in Dublin – who, in September 2015, had been admitted to the hospital after complaining of a severe pain following an operation.

Anthony was transported to a ward on a trolley so that he could undergo a second procedure in the morning. When he arrived at the ward, there was no bed available for him and – still on the trolley – Anthony was left in a corridor outside the ward.

Screens were placed around Anthony so that he could get some rest but while he was sleeping he rolled over and fell from the trolley – injuring his back against the base of the screens. Anthony was administered a pain-killing injection and moved to a private room after x-rays were taken to identify any injury to his ribs or lungs.

On his discharge from hospital, Anthony discussed his accident with a solicitor. The solicitor agreed that Anthony had a viable compensation claim for a patient fall from a trolley, and a claim was made against the Adelaide and Meath Hospital, alleging negligent management of his care and claiming €60,000 injury compensation.

The hospital admitted that the management of Anthony´s care had been negligent, but disputed the extent of his injuries and the damages he was claiming. Consequently a hearing of the compensation claim for a patient fall from a trolley was scheduled for the Circuit Civil Court to assess how much compensation Anthony was entitled to.

The hearing got underway before Mr Justice Raymond Groarke earlier this week. However, soon after it had commenced, the judge was told the two parties had come to an agreement on a settlement of the claim that fell within the jurisdiction of the District Court. Judge Groarke was also informed that the two parties had also made an agreement regarding costs.

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