Surgical Error Compensation Claim

Doctors and surgeons are bound by the Medical Practitioners Act of 2007 to demonstrate a high level of professional performance at all times. Even though we understand that doctors and surgeons work long hours and have a very stressful vocation, they are highly rewarded for their skills and have a “duty of care” towards their patients. Therefore, when they make a potentially serious mistake in the operating theatre, there may be grounds to make a surgical error compensation claim.

A surgical error compensation claim is based on the evidence that the surgeon has made an error which was avoidable had the surgeon paid due care and attention, and that you – as the patient – have suffered an injury because of it. That injury must also lead to damages on your part – either prolonged physical or psychological trauma, the inability to work with subsequent loss of earnings, or some other expense which now justifies a surgical error compensation claim.

Making a Surgical Error Compensation Claim

A surgical error compensation claim falls within the category of medical negligence and not as an ordinary personal injury. Therefore, the Injuries Board of Ireland will have nothing to do with it, and it is up to you to engage the services of a solicitor if you wish to file a surgical error compensation claim. Many times, your solicitor will avoid the need for your claim to go all the way to court, by negotiation with the insurance company representing the surgeon, and acquiring for you a fair and adequate amount of compensation which represents the trauma you have suffered.

People have in the past withheld from making a surgical error compensation claim because they did not understand the process or know where to start. Well-meaning friends and family members may have also confused the situation with conflicting advice, and for this reason we have established a free advice service for people to call and find out what they are entitled to and receive clear and practical advice on how to make a surgical error compensation claim.

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Our Service Includes:

  • 100% Free, impartial one-to-one consultation with an experienced solicitor
  • 100% Helpful and honest advice about your right to claim
  • 100% A comprehensive assessment of your case
  • 100% Accurate and up-to-the-minute information

What You Can Expect to Happen

As with any telephone conversation between client and solicitor, your call is treated confidentially and with the utmost discretion. You will find our solicitors sensitive to your situation and understanding when you call.

We will ask you to let us know the circumstances surrounding how you came to be in hospital and how the surgical error was made. Any further information you can give us to support your surgical error compensation claim will be extremely useful.

Our solicitor will try to ascertain how strong your case for a surgical error compensation claim is, and advise you whether they feel it is worth your while to pursue. We will also advise how long the process may take and the likelihood of your success.

We will also offer you suggestions in respect of how you can proceed with a surgical error compensation claim, and although you are under no obligation to follow up on our advice, explain all your options to you in plain English.

You may want to go away and discuss these with family and friends, or you may be calling on behalf of somebody else. You have up to two years from the “date of discovery” (when you found out there had been a surgical error) to make a surgical error compensation claim, but best not to leave it that long before calling us!

Our lines are open between 8.00am and 10.00pm on 1800 989 850, or you can complete the call-back box below and one of our team will get back to you at a convenient time. It costs nothing to find out exactly what you entitled to and how to go about getting it, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.