Spine Surgery Negligence Compensation Approved for Disabled Teenager

A teenage girl, who was left paralysed by a spinal surgeon´s negligence, has had a multi-million pounds spine surgery negligence compensation settlement approved by the High Court in London.

Laura May (17) of Chorley, Lancashire, was admitted to the Royal Preston Hospital in March 2005 for a procedure to correct a curvature of her spine. However, her orthopaedic surgeon – Dr Roger Battersby Smith – neglected to use an imaging technique before operating, and negligently misplaced a screw during the operation.

Due to Dr Smith´s negligence, Laura lost the ability to use her limbs and is paralysed from the chest down.

After seeking legal counsel, Laura´s parents – Bill and Christine May – sued Dr Smith and the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for spine surgery compensation and, in 2009, the Royal Court of Justice ruled in favour of Laura and her family.

The High Court in London has now approved a settlement which will comprise of a lump sum payment now and periodic payments throughout Laura´s life. The total compensation package – which is believed to be around 3 million pounds – will provide medical care, specialised accommodation and equipment for Laura, as well as compensating her for future loss of income.