Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

Nurses are under far more pressure today than they ever were, and it is inevitable that sometimes errors are made in their duties. Nursing negligence compensation claims can arise from any sector of nursing, where nurses have failed in their duties towards the patient which subsequently lead to an injury which could otherwise have been avoided. To qualify as nursing negligence, compensation claims have to show that damages of some sort were sustained through unacceptable behaviour, a failure to communicate an important medical issue to the patient or colleagues, or that the nurse has demonstrated a lack of skill or the failure to apply it.

There is a major distinction between nursing medical negligence and negligence which has led to a slip or fall in a hospital, and nursing negligence compensation claims have to relate to the treatment of a medical condition. Failure to clean up a spill on the floor which causes you to slip would be dealt with in a personal injury claim – even if it affects your medical condition. In order to pursue a nursing negligence compensation claim, you have to prove that the actions of the nurse (or lack of them) were unreasonable in the course of their duty.

Claiming Nursing Negligence Compensation Claims

Nursing negligence compensation claims may not only be applicable to you as a patient. If you have a child that has suffered an injury due to a lack of care, or an elderly relative in a nursing home who has suffered a physical or psychological trauma as a result of nursing negligence, you should be entitled to make a nursing negligence compensation claim. It’s important to note that the claim will probably be against the hospital or health board, not the nurse personally. Your best course of action is to speak with a specialised solicitor, familiar with cases of medical negligence, to determine what action you can take and how you should go about it.

For this reason we have organised a free telephone advice line, which will put you in touch with an experienced solicitor who can offer helpful and impartial information on your rights to make a nursing negligence compensation claim. There is no obligation for you to proceed with a claim, and every call we receive is treated with the strictest confidence.

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What Else You May Expect

Your call to us will be dealt with directly by a specialised solicitor with many years experience in dealing with nursing negligence compensation claims. Whereas you may have only experienced a traumatic event such as this just once in your life, we have heard many tales of medical negligence in the past and we understand that you may be still suffering from the consequences of the negligence, or be distressed to have discovered it happen to a close member of your family.

Therefore, we will treat you with courtesy and respect throughout the telephone conversation, asking you to explain the circumstances surrounding the alleged lack of care and how it has affected you or your family member.

We will try to ascertain as quickly as possible whether there is a case for a nursing negligence compensation claim which it is worth your while to pursue, advise you of the likelihood of its success and the length of time we anticipate it would take.

There is no obligation for you to decide immediately whether you wish to make a nursing negligence compensation claim, and sometimes this is best talked over with family or friends first. You are more than welcome to come back to us and ask any further questions that may be raised after the first conversation.

Irrespective of whether you finally choose us to represent you or not, it costs nothing to find out what rights you have and more about your entitlement to make a nursing negligence compensation claim, so please call our free advice telephone service today on1800 989 850 and speak with one of our friendly team of experienced solicitors.

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