Delayed Birth Cerebral Palsy Injuries Compensated after 27 Year Wait

A woman, who developed cerebral palsy after her birth was needlessly delayed in 1984, has secured a 3 million Euro delayed birth cerebral palsy compensation settlement in the High Court. Lisa Carroll (27) from Killala, County Mayo, was born at the Mayo General Hospital in March 1984 several weeks overdue. A planned inducement was not carried out and Lisa’s mother had to carry her pregnancy into a forty-third week.

In the High Court, Mr. Justice John Quirk heard that once she was born, Lisa spent the first three weeks of her life in hospital, during which time she suffered three seizures which led to her current condition.

It was alleged that, had Lisa’s mother – Noreen – been admitted when her full term was reached, and tests carried out to ensure the health of the foetus, Lisa would not have suffered such traumatic injuries.

Expert witnesses said that there was no justifiable reason for the delay in Lisa’s delivery, and although Lisa can communicate and attended mainstream school, she is confined to a wheelchair for life.

The delayed birth cerebral palsy injury award of 3 million Euros was made against the Mayo General Hospital and Health Service Executive without admission of liability.

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