Nerve Damage to the Lips by a Dentist

How much compensation would I receive if I were to make a successful claim for nerve damage to the lips by a dentist?

Assuming that your injury was avoidable ‘in the circumstances and at the time’, and that the nerve damage to the lips by a dentist was sufficiently severe to warrant a claim for a lip injury due to dental negligence, how much compensation for damaged lip nerves you would be entitled to receive would depend on four primary factors.

The first would be the pain and suffering you have experienced due to your dentist´s lack of care. This is unlikely to be a substantial consideration because the nerve damage you sustained has probably eliminated any sensation of pain from the affected area, and you may only experience an uncomfortable tingling from time to time. The solicitor would ask a medical expert to examine you to assess the level of physical injury you have sustained.

The secondary factor in a claim for a lip injury due to dental negligence would be how your injury has impacted on your quality of life. Whereas nerve damage to the lips by a dentist may have little or no consequence if you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, the visual effect of a drooping or dribbling lip may inhibit you from engaging in leisure pursuits and social activities. It is recommended that you maintain a diary to record all the times your lip injury prevents you from leading your regular life.

The visual effect of nerve damage to the lips by a dentist can also result in a psychological injury if you lose your confidence to be seen socially or develop anxiety or depression due to your condition. If you intended to claim compensation for damaged lip nerves in this respect, the emotional trauma you have experienced would have to be confirmed by a psychologist. This would be something that your solicitor would organise.

Finally, you are also entitled to recover any quantifiable costs you have incurred in a claim for a lip injury due to dental negligence. This may account for a significant proportion of the value of your claim if you are a musician who uses your lips to play an instrument or a model whose facial looks are vital to your profession. Any loss of income you are claiming for in your legal action has to be supported by previous payslips or invoices.

Not all of these factors will necessarily be included in every compensation claim for nerve damage to the lips by a dentist, and there may be more factors to include depending on your personal situation. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak with a solicitor at the earliest possible moment to undergo a preliminary assessment of your claim and have the solicitor explain to you the procedures for successfully claiming compensation for damaged lip nerves.