Medical Negligence Awards

Medical negligence awards of compensation are made where a member of the medical profession has not demonstrated an adequate competency in either diagnosing or treating a patients´ ailment.

Medical negligence awards may also be made where a physician has misdiagnosed a medical condition, failed to inform a patient of their condition (or the risks associated with remedial treatment) or has failed to treat an acknowledged condition in a reasonable period of time.

When claiming for medical negligence awards, patients – or their immediate family – have two years from the “date of knowledge” of medical negligence (effectively when the error became known) to bring their claim before the courts. However, in order for a claim for medical negligence awards to be accepted by the courts, not only must there be evidence of a lack of care by a medical professional but that lack of care must also have led to an injury – either physical or psychological – which has caused some element of damage.

Claiming Medical Negligence Awards

Claiming medical negligence awards may be further clouded by the intervention of the hospital or an insurance company representing the physician. Under Irish law, all medical practitioners must be registered with the Medical Council of Ireland and, in order to be registered, must hold comprehensive professional indemnity insurance to cover the potential for medical negligence awards.

Solicitors experienced in helping patients claim medical negligence awards are in a far better place to determine whether any proposed settlement is a fair amount in respect of the trauma you have suffered and any ongoing medical expenses. Whereas you hopefully are only going to be making one claim for a medical negligence award during your lifetime, experienced medical negligence solicitors are accustomed to dealing with the issues associated with medical negligence awards on a frequent basis.

Consequently, we have a free advice telephone service that you – or any member of your family – are welcome to call in order to receive helpful and accurate advice about medical negligence awards.

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What Else You May Expect

Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with medical negligence awards and are fully aware of some the pain and misery a misdiagnosis or lack of appropriate treatment can cause. Therefore you will find us understanding, helpful and considerate.

Furthermore, we know that well-meaning friends may have offered their own opinion of what you are entitled to as a medical negligence award. We would ask you to start from the beginning and explain exactly and precisely how you were the victim of medical negligence and how that has affected you since.

It would also help us to know if there are ongoing medical expenses or after-effects (such as being unable to work) of the negligence, and whether or not you have already been approached by the physicians´ or hospital´s insurance company.

No doubt you will have many questions for us too, and it sometimes helps to have these written down before you call us to ensure that everything you need to know is covered. Sometimes your questions lead us in directions where further evidence is forthcoming, so please do not be averse to asking us anything.

If we determine that there is a case for a medical negligence award which it is worth your while to pursue, you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim. Instead, go away, talk about it with your family, and only come back to us when you are happy to proceed.

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