Medical Accident in Hospitals in Ireland

There are two categories of medical accidents – those which occur through professional malpractice and those which are personal injuries, but are described as medical accidents as they happen in a health centre or hospital. If you are the victim of a medical accident, you may be entitled to sue for compensation.

Medical accidents which are due to a medical practitioner demonstrating a lack of skill – or failure to apply it – may include:-

  • The failure to diagnose (or misdiagnose) a disease or medical condition
  • The failure to provide appropriate treatment for a disease or medical condition
  • The failure to provide adequate treatment of the disease or medical condition within a reasonable period of time

Inasmuch as many of our medical professionals are under an increasing level of stress (itself leading to understaffing through sickness), there should be no reason why you should go uncompensated where you have sustained a physical or psychological trauma through any of the instances mentioned above.

Personal injury claims are medical accidents that can happen to patients, visitors and even staff working in a health centre or hospital. These are more likely to be associated with poorly maintained public access, such as a slippery surface or an uneven floor.

Despite the distinction between the two types of medical accidents, where there is evidence to suggest that the medical accident was caused by another person´s lack of care, you should be entitled to compensation.

Claiming Compensation for Medical Accidents

As there are two types of medical accidents, there are two different ways to claim for compensation:

Medical accidents caused by professional malpractice have to be presented to a court of law. These courts assess the level of incompetency demonstrated by the medical practitioner, consider the consequences to you as the patient and make an award of compensation as they see fit.

Medical accidents that are personal injuries are usually dealt with by the Injuries Board of Ireland – with compensation awards for these types of medical accidents guided by the “Book of Quantum”. Even personal injury claims can sometimes end up in court, so it is better to know where you stand, and what you are entitled to, from the very beginning.

We have a free advice telephone service to enable victims of medical accidents – you or your relatives – to give us a call, speak with an experienced solicitor, and receive helpful and accurate advice in respect of any medical accidents that you may have suffered.

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What Else You May Expect

You call to us will be immediately dealt with by an experienced solicitor, familiar with compensation claims for medical accidents. They will ask you to explain the circumstances surrounding your medical accident and determine whether it is categorised as medical negligence or personal injury.

Thereafter, we will be able to give you the most appropriate advice relating to your medical accident and offer suggestions of your options should you wish to proceed with a compensation claim.

You are under no obligation to sue for your medical accident or act on any of the advice we offer, however, if you choose to do so, we will be able to guide you through all the procedures that are required in order to file your case.

Using an experienced specialised solicitor such as us will enable you to claim compensation for medical accidents that result in ongoing costs and expenses in relation to remedial treatment. Furthermore if you have suffered a loss of earnings because of the medical accident, we will be able to include an amount to compensate not only for what you are “out-of-pocket”, but also a calculation of how your future earning potential may be affected.

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