DePuy Asr Hip Device Compensation Claim

The 2010 recall of faulty DePuy hip replacement systems still has many people concerned and wondering about their right to make DePuy ASR hip device compensation claims in Ireland.

Over 70,000 hip replacement operations have been carried out in Ireland since the DePuy ASR hip replacement systems were first used in 2003. The announcement that some of these systems have shown a “higher than expected” failure rate has already led to DePuy recall compensation claims in other parts of the world – a pattern that is expected to continue in Ireland.

 What is the Problem?

The major problem with the DePuy ASR hip replacement system is the rate of wear and tear between the metal elements of the hip implant. All hip replacement systems wear a little each year, but the significant volume of sub-microscopic particles being released into the blood stream by the DePuy ASR Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System systems has given cause for the DePuy recall.

Compensation claims are inevitable from those who will have to undergo revision surgery due to the wear and tear factor leading to inflammation around the hip and groin, the possible loosening or dislocation of the hip implant, and the potential for a hip fracture due to the weaker bone. There has also already been one claim for DePuy hip replacement compensation resolved in the States in which the plaintiff had suffered due to a high level of chromium and cobalt in his bloodstream.

Although the DePuy ASR hip replacement system was used in only 5% of the hip replacement operations performed in Ireland, this is a worrying time for anybody unsure of whether they have a faulty implant.

If you have had hip replacement surgery in the past ten years, and you experience health problems which may be connected to your hip replacement system, it is imperative that you see your GP urgently.

Making DePuy Recall Compensation Claims

DePuy recall compensation claims are going to be complex affairs and should be done with the assistance of a specialist solicitor. DePuy Orthopaedics Inc has already acknowledged liability for the faulty hip replacement systems and indicated that they will cover the costs of patient monitoring and revision surgery where necessary; however this is with the proviso that the patient relinquishes their right to make a claim for DePuy hip replacement compensation.

As revision surgery is more complicated than an initial hip replacement operation, it will be more painful and take longer to recover from. Not only would affected patients be entitled to make DePuy ASR hip device compensation claims in Ireland for the costs of any medical treatment, but should also claim for extended physical and psychological trauma as well as any loss of earnings whilst undergoing monitoring and treatment.

What to do next?

If you are concerned about a hip replacement operation that you or a loved one have had, or if you have already been advised by your local hospital that you were the recipient of a DePuy ASR hip replacement system, the first thing you should do is call our free advice line now on 1800 989 850

This service has been specially established to provide helpful and practical advice to recipients of DePuy ASR hip replacement systems and to assist with DePuy recall compensation claims.

You will be able to speak with one of our experienced solicitors, receive accurate and up-to-the-minute information about DePuy ASR hip device compensation claims in Ireland and ask any questions you may have in this respect. Our service is completely confidential and there is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with us. Please note there is no charge for using the service.

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What You Can Expect

Hip replacement systems are supposed to last a minimum of fifteen years, so we can imagine the worry that is going through many peoples´ minds at the prospect of needing another operation so soon. Therefore, when you call our free advice line you will find us sympathetic and understanding of your situation.

If you have been notified that you do indeed have a DePuy ASR replacement hip system, we would need to know when you initially had the implant, at which hospital the surgery was performed and whether you have returned recently for a precautionary blood test and x-ray.

We expect that you will have a lot of questions for us as well, and we will do our best to answer each as clearly as possible for you. If there is any element of our advice which you do not understand, please ask us to go over it again. Please remember that you are under no obligation to proceed with a claim.

DePuy recall compensation claims have already been filed in America and Australia and, with the Statute of Limitations only allowing two years from the “date of knowledge” that you had a DePuy ASR hip replacement system implanted, it is in your best interests that you call us as soon as possible.

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