Dentist Malpractice Compensation Claim

Malpractice by a dentist can lead to more than just an uncomfortable mouth. Dentists who do not take due care and attention with their patients can cause a long list of serious injuries, which in turn may lead to a dentist malpractice compensation claim.

As well as failure to diagnose or treat oral cancers and cysts, a lack of care from a dentist can also cause facial paralysis, problems with incorrect cavity fillings, root canal errors and negligent cosmetic repairs such as porcelain veneers. One of the most common reasons for a dentist malpractice compensation claim is when the dentist has insisted that you undergo a specific treatment that is not necessary, creating additional pain and expense.

Quite often, dental malpractice may lead to further pain and expense as you have remedial work done to repair their error, and where your original dentist has demonstrated a lack of skill (or the lack of its application) you are entitled to make a dentist malpractice compensation claim.

Making a Dentist Malpractice Compensation Claim

As dentists are registered by the Medical Board of Ireland, they have to maintain a certain level of standards. If these standards are ignored, either deliberately or by distraction, and you subsequently suffer from a dental malpractice, you are entitled to make a dentist malpractice compensation claim. However, the procedure for making a dentist malpractice compensation claim is not as straightforward as when you have been an innocent victim in a road traffic accident, and any claim that you are making for compensation has to be filed with the court.

It is sometimes the case that people refrain from making any medical malpractice compensation claim because they are unaware of the procedures, and in order to offer victims advice on how to register a dentist malpractice compensation claim, we have established a free advice telephone service which you are welcome to call and speak with one of our experienced solicitors. Our solicitors will offer you helpful and accurate advice on how you should proceed with a claim, and guide you through the legal processes involved. The service is completely free of charge and totally confidential.

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What You Can Expect When You Call

Our solicitors have many years of experience dealing with instances of medical negligence and the effect they subsequently have on people. Therefore, you will find us understanding of the situation you are in, and will treat you courteously and respectfully throughout.

We will ask you to explain the circumstances surrounding your visit to the dentist, what happened whilst you were in there, and why you believe there are grounds for a dentist malpractice compensation claim. If you have any further information that would help us compile a solid case, we would ask you to share it with us.

Although we recommend that you call us as soon as you believe that you have been a victim of dental malpractice, we understand that it may still be too painful for you to speak, so if you have a friend or family member who can call on your behalf, we are happy to speak with them.

Our solicitors will make a comprehensive assessment of your case and advise you whether a dentist malpractice compensation claim would be worth your while to pursue. If you feel that you need time to consider your options – that is not a problem.

In the event that you decide to continue with a dentist malpractice compensation claim, we will guide you through all the procedures involved, let you know how long we expect the process to take and, within time, give you an idea of the amount of dentist malpractice compensation we expect you should receive.

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