Contaminated Blood Transfusion Claims

There frequently are small items of news in the media about compensation claims for a contaminated blood transfusion. Many of these news items relate to contaminated blood transfusions that took place before Ireland was fully up to speed with its blood screening service; but even today, there is always the risk that a batch of contaminated blood could get into the system and somebody become the victim of a contaminated blood transfusion.

The group most at risks are haemophiliacs – people who have a genetic blood disorder which limits the ability of their blood to clot and can lead to internal bleeding into joints, muscles and internal organs. However, anybody who has received a blood transfusion whilst having surgery or as part of their medical treatment, also runs the risk of being the recipient of a contaminated blood transfusion.

The most common form of contamination is hepatitis C. Although it is a disease which attacks the liver, early symptoms appear in the form of a cold or flu. These symptoms come and go over the years, and you may think nothing of them until damage to the liver is discovered – even then, the symptoms may appear similar to cancer, cirrhosis or liver failure. Once, however, the symptoms are diagnosed and your illness is acknowledged as being generated from a contaminated blood transfusion, you should consider making a compensation claim for a contaminated blood transfusion.

Claiming for a Contaminated Blood Transfusion

Claims for contaminated blood transfusions are made against the hospital or health authority responsible for administering the blood. All of these institutions have public indemnity insurance in the event of contaminated blood transfusions occurring, however rather than deal directly with a health authority or their insurers, it is usually advantageous to pursue a claim for a contaminated blood transfusion through a solicitor.

A specialist solicitor will have dealt with this type of medical negligence claim before, and be able to assist you with the procedures and provide legal representation should the claim have to go to court. Medical negligence claims – such as those for a contaminated blood transfusion – are not dealt with in the same way as a personal injury compensation claim and, although only a small proportion of contaminated blood transfusion claims fail to be settled prior to going to court, it is still better to have a solicitor on your side to ensure that you receive a fair and adequate amount of compensation.

To help you determine whether you wish to pursue a compensation claim following a contaminated blood transfusion, we offer people who are doubt the assistance of a solicitor through our free advice telephone service. Our solicitor will listen to the circumstances of how you received a contaminated blood transfusion and offer helpful and accurate advice about what you should do. There is no obligation on you and every call is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

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What You Can Expect to Happen

When you call our free advice telephone service, you will be asked to explain how and when you received the contaminated blood transfusion, what symptoms you have suffered from, and over how long a period.

Your personal circumstances will also influence any award of compensation for a contaminated blood transfusion, so if you think there is anything relevant that you believe we should know, please do not hesitate to tell us. If you are not sure whether it is relevant or not, you are more than welcome to ask.

We will try to determine quickly if there is a case for compensation for a contaminated blood transfusion and, if so, explain to you the procedures for making a claim and how long we would anticipate it would take.

We will also offer advice and suggestions regarding your right to claim, which you are under no obligation to follow, but which might be significant to you if you later choose to pursue a claim for a contaminated blood transfusion.

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