Contaminated Blood Compensation Claim

If you have had major surgery at any time in the past, you will have usually needed a blood transfusion to replace any blood lost during the incident leading to the surgery, or during the operation itself. Despite the introduction of blood screening, infections such as hepatitis C and even HIV have been later discovered to be in blood given to surgical patients, and this lack of care in the checking and administration process can result in a contaminated blood compensation claim.

Haemophiliacs – people suffering from a genetic blot clotting disability – are constantly at potential risk from the blood they receive and, as many of the symptoms of hepatitis C or HIV may take many years (sometimes decades) to come to light, it can be a very long time until a victim realises that they have received contaminated blood and can make a contaminated blood compensation claim.

Making a Contaminated Blood Compensation Claim

Patients or haemophiliacs who have received contaminated blood have up to two years from the “date of knowledge” in which to make a contaminated blood compensation claim. As symptoms of diseases caused by contaminated blood may not only take years to manifest, but can also frequently look like other afflictions (hepatitis C and alcoholism may both be responsible for cirrhosis of the liver), misdiagnosis is frequent amongst people who have been made ill by contaminated blood.

Therefore, if you feel that an illness you are currently suffering from, or have suffered within the last two years, is related to contaminated blood you have received, it is in your best interests to consult with a specialist solicitor. Although a contaminated blood compensation claim may not be able to restore your health, it can partially make up for the diminished quality of life that you may now be experiencing.

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