Colon Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Is it possible to make colon cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims for a delay in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer? I had to undergo chemotherapy and an ileostomy, which I think could have been avoided.


Whenever there has been a delay in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer which has caused the condition to deteriorate and the patient to suffer an injury or come to harm as a result it should be possible to make colon cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims. In your particular case, the ileostomy would be considered a serious injury and compensation for unnecessary surgery would be included in a settlement of compensation for a misdiagnosis of colon cancer.

However, even though it would appear that you have been the victim of medical negligence, and an injury has been sustained as a result, colon cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims are rarely simple. In order for a claim for colon cancer misdiagnosis compensation to be successful, it is necessary to demonstrate that the misdiagnosis of colorectal cancer or the delay in obtaining a correct diagnosis was a mistake than no competent doctor should have made “at the time or under the circumstances”.

Colon cancer has symptoms which can be confused with a number of less severe bowel conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome for example. However, even if colon cancer is not suspected, you should have been referred for further tests at the time of your first consultation to confirm the doctor´s initial diagnosis and eliminate the possibility of colorectal cancer.

Your doctor should have requested a barium enema or colonoscopy to confirm his or her diagnosis, and even blood tests may have indicated that colorectal cancer was responsible for the symptoms you were experiencing. If you did not undergo these tests completed, and the tests would have demonstrated you had colorectal cancer at a stage where the cancerous polyps had not developed into a serious risk to your health, then compensation for a colon cancer misdiagnosis can be claimed against the negligent doctor, clinic or hospital.

As it is important to support your claim for a colon cancer misdiagnosis with the testimony of a medical expert, you are advised to speak with a medical negligence solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity. A medical negligence will discuss with you the circumstances of your delayed diagnosis, the length of time that the cancer was went undiagnosed and the effect that the late diagnosis of colon cancer has had on your quality of life.

Thereafter – and depending on your circumstances of your claim – the solicitor will guide you through the procedures which will still have to be completed to make colon cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims.