Claim for a Hospital Patient with Pressure Ulcers

If a claim for a hospital patient with pressure ulcers is made against the hospital, what procedures need to be completed before the claim can be filed?

A claim for a hospital patient with pressure ulcers differs considerably from other personal injury claims, such as claiming for injuries sustained in car accidents, trips and falls and accidents at work. The Injuries Board will not assess claims for pressure ulcers as it has no remit to assess claims involving medical negligence.

This means that you will need to enlist the services of a personal injury solicitor in order for compensation for pressure ulcers in hospital to be claimed, not only to establish eligibility to take legal action but also to determine how much compensation for pressure ulcers in hospital can be recovered.

Establishing that a medical professional or hospital has failed to provide the appropriate level of nursing care and is responsible for a personal injury being sustained by a patient can be complicated. It is not simply a case of proving pressure ulcers in hospital were sustained while under the care of doctors and nurses. Evidence needs to be collected to prove that the injuries were sustained due to the negligence of the hospital staff.

This means that a solicitor needs to thoroughly investigate claims for pressure ulcers and contact all parties involved to determine whether the injuries sustained could have been prevented, and if the lack of nursing care constitutes negligence and a failure in a duty of care. Even with the best level of care it may not be possible for pressure ulcers in hospital to be prevented, so while these personal injuries should not have been sustained when under the care of medical professionals, it does not necessarily mean that the hospital staff was negligent.

Once a case has been prepared it will be necessary to have it reviewed by a medical expert before it can be filed to establish the strength of the claim and the probability of injury compensation for a patient with pressure ulcers being covered by the hospital’s insurance policy. Negligence of a medical professional can only be established by a medical expert after a full review of the circumstances of the case has been conducted.

Because the process of claiming injury compensation for a patient with pressure ulcers is so involved, and numerous procedures and investigations need to be conducted before a claim for a hospital patient with pressure ulcers can even be filed, it is important that legal advice is sought promptly to ensure personal injury compensation can be recovered in the shortest possible timeframe.

It is also important that the injuries are reported to the HSE, so you should make a written complaint detailing the injuries sustained and why you believe the hospital to be at fault, even if you made a complaint in writing to the hospital manager. Other procedures that need to be conducted are best explained by a personal injury solicitor once the facts of the case have been established.