Claim for a Problem with Laser Eye Surgery

I think my father should claim for a problem with laser eye surgery but he thinks it’s waste of time and money, is this true?

The only one who will be able to tell you if it is advisable for your father to pursue a claim for a problem with laser eye surgery is a medical negligence claims solicitor who has been informed of his specific situation. Although a laser eye surgeon does owe your father a duty of care to provide the best possible care, as with all medical negligence claims, pursuing a claim against a laser eye surgeon is likely to be complex. A medical negligence solicitor, who has been advised of the circumstances in which your father underwent surgery and the subsequent problems he has developed, will be able to advise him on whether or not his claim for compensation for a laser eye procedure problem is viable and whether or not it is worth his while to pursue.

Your father’s eligibility to make a claim for laser eye surgeon negligence is going to be dependent on numerous factors. Although negligence may seem apparent, it will have to be established by an independent medical expert that the problems your father is experiencing are due to a poor professional performance by the laser eye surgeon. Furthermore, if the surgeon informed your father of the potential risks associated with laser eye surgery beforehand, it may be difficult to pursue a claim.

If a solicitor considers your father´s claim for a problem with laser eye surgery to have potential, they will present all of your father’s relevant medical documents to an independent medical expert. This medical expert will examine these documents and ascertain whether or not negligence can be determined. Based on what the medical expert concludes, your father’s solicitor will advise him on whether or not he should proceed with a claim for laser eye surgery and how much compensation he might be entitled to. Your father can then make an informed decision about whether pursuing compensation for a laser eye procedure problem is a waste of time and money.

If you father decides to make a claim for laser eye surgeon negligence, his solicitor will send a letter of claim to the negligent party informing them that a claim is being made against them. If the negligent party admits liability, your father’s solicitor will enter into negotiations with their medical insurers to secure the maximum amount of compensation that your father should be entitled to.

The amount of compensation for a laser eye procedure problem that your father could be entitled to obtain will be based on a variety of elements, such as the nature of the injury and general state of eye health prior to the laser eye problem, any pain and suffering he has endured and the impact it has had on his life. If he has incurred any costs to treat the problem or pay for remedial surgery, he will be compensated for these expenses. Furthermore, if he has been rendered unable to work he will also be compensated for loss of income. There are many things that will be taken into consideration; your father’s solicitor will be able to explain this to him further.

Making a claim for a problem with laser eye surgery can be complicated, so it is recommended that your father discuss it with a medical negligence claims solicitor. Most solicitors offer a free telephone advice service, so your father need not worry about wasting money and the worst possible scenario is that he will only “waste” a few minutes of his time.