Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

As any woman who has given birth to a child with cerebral palsy will tell you, a mother instinctively knows that her baby is unwell long before a doctor´s diagnosis confirms her fears. Cerebral palsy is usually first apparent in infancy, when the baby has difficulty crawling, sitting upright or speaking and, although there are many unfortunate natural causes for the condition, where the cerebral palsy has been caused by clinical negligence you are entitled to make cerebral palsy compensation claims.

Causes of cerebral palsy are numerous, but those which could lead to cerebral palsy compensation claims include:-

  • Failure to detect foetal distress during labour or intermittent foetal heart rate prior to the birth and during delivery
  • Failure to deliver the baby within an appropriate time span after the mother´s waters have broken
  • Failure to perform a timely Caesarean section birth when indicators suggest this method of delivery is warranted
  • Failure to take special precautions during the birth when a pregnancy has already experienced complications
  • Failure to administer pre-birth steroids when appropriate to protect against severe respiratory distress syndrome
  • Excessive use of a vacuum appliance or forceps during birth which results in cerebral palsy brain damage

Cerebral palsy compensation claims have to show that not only were the medical practitioners attending the delivery responsible for the cerebral palsy condition, but that any action (or inaction) that they took was avoidable in the circumstances. When cerebral palsy compensation claims reach court, a medical expert will have to testify that another course of action was possible that would have prevented the cerebral palsy condition without risking the life of the mother or child.

Making Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims

This is why making cerebral palsy compensation claims is so complicated, and a solicitor will engage the services of a specialist medical consultant to help compile the strongest possible case on behalf of your child. Claims for cerebral palsy compensation are actually made by the child, through a parent or guardian acting as their “next friend”, and therefore any negotiated settlement prior to litigation will still have to be approved by the court before the cerebral palsy compensation can be paid.

Free Cerebral Palsy Claims Advice 

If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and you believe that its cause was clinical negligence, you are invited to discuss potential cerebral palsy compensation claims with an experienced solicitor on our free cerebral palsy claims advice service. The number to call is 1800 989 850, and all calls to our service are completely confidential. Furthermore, there is no obligation on you to proceed with any cerebral palsy compensation claims once you have spoken with us.

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We have been offering clients advice for clinical negligence claims for over twenty years, and appreciate how distressing it is for a parent to have their child diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We will be courteous throughout our conversation, and listen carefully as you explain to us about your specific circumstances.

Cerebral palsy compensation claims are particularly complex, and your opinion of what happened to cause the condition, and any information you have subsequently learnt from the medical practitioners who were attending, will be valuable in the compilation of your cerebral palsy claim.

Once we have established that there are cerebral palsy compensation claims which are worth your while to pursue, we will offer advice on the processes involved and how long we would expect them to take. We will also answer any legal questions you may have about cerebral palsy compensation.

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