Central Criminal Court Hears Healthcare Volunteer Admit to Drugging and Sexually Abusing Teenage Boys

At the Central Criminal Court a Kildare man, who cannot be identified so as to safeguard the identify of the victims, has pleaded guilty to oral rape of one boy and abusing another during 2018

The man (29) in question was a member of a voluntary paramedic organisation who was accused of drugging the boys with a powerful pain relief substance. He also pleaded guilty to meeting the child with the aim of sexual exploitation and aiding and abetting in the production of child pornography.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday. Since the complainants first made accusations the defendant was suspended from his volunteer role and also from a nursing course he was completing at the time which included a placement at a national children’s hospital.

The court was informed that one of the sexual assaults took place after the man forced the boy (15) to use an oxygen mask to inhale the drug before abusing him. A subsequent sexual assault took place when the boy was, again, unconscious and a different individual filmed the event using the camera on his phone.

In relation to another incident, involving a different child, the man pleaded guilty to sexual assault and sexual exploitation. The incident took place on May 18th, 2018 at a place in south Dublin and in the Wicklow mountains.

There was as additional guilty plea in relation the theft of medicinal items, including a vial of Penthrox and a carbon dioxide chamber from Naas race course during 2018. Penthrox is an analgesic normally prescribed by medical practitioners, the Defence Forces, ambulance paramedics, sports clubs and surf lifesavers to counter the effects of pain. It is administered by placing a vial of the medicine on a pipe-like device called a green whistle, which is then used to inhale the drug. Penthrox includes an active ingredient known as Methoxyflurane.

The Judge was informed that on two separate occasions the individual called to the house where his victims resided, driven by a different man, to pick them up. Following this he forced them to take the drug by placing the whistle device onto the victim’s mouth or the oxygen mask over their mouth. During both incidents the man’s victims awoke from unconsciousness to discover that they were being sexually assaulted.

Medical testimony was provided which informed the court that Penthrox should not be administered to those who are not yet 18 years of age. Additionally it was revealed that the man had modified the whistle device to remove a filter. Dr Aidan McGoldrick provided testimony which said that this modification  would result in the drug actually being four times stronger and lead to cases of memory loss. The Judge was informed that the defendant’s Internet search history included searches like “nitrous oxide side effects”, “Penthrox and knock out”, and “how much Methoxyflurane does it take to knock you out”.

The mother of one of the victim’s provided an impact statement which informed the court that her son has had difficulties in school and had to go to counselling since the attacks took place. He was, she said, too embarrassed to come to court to give his own statement. She informed the court that, due to the defendant abusing his position of responsibility to gain access to controlled drugs and carry out the sexual assault, her family will be haunted for the remainder of their lives.

Counsel for the defence, James Dwyer SC, made a  plea for mitigation on behalf of his client, saying that the individual regrets his actions and the damage he inflicted on the boys. Despite informing Gardai, after he was arrested, that one of the boys had initiated the sex and  been coherent at all times, the defendant said he accepted the victims’ record of events

Sentencing will take place on Wednesday.

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