Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim

A cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim can result from one of two negligent actions by your doctor. Either they have diagnosed you as having cancer, and subsequently you have discovered that it was in error or, more seriously, misdiagnosed your cancer as some other complaint.

Whereas the first incident is a major psychological shock, there is an element of relief to find out you may not be as ill as you were led to believe you were. Nonetheless you may have already made arrangements to give up your job or change your lifestyle to spend more time with your family and attend hospital appointments.

To have initially have consulted a doctor when you felt ill or discovered a lump, and be told that there was nothing to worry about, when there was a malignant growth developing inside of you, is an exceptionally distressing event.

Early diagnosis of cancer is essential to give the sufferer the best chance of overcoming it, and for a doctor to negligently declare that your health is not in danger is a cause to make a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.

Making a Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim

Making a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim requires the services of a solicitor. It is not the type of accident compensation claim that can go through the Injuries Board of Ireland, and there are many factors determining an award for a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim – not least the period of time between the original misdiagnosis and discovery of the true complaint.

Because of the many issues involved with a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim, we have set up a free advice telephone service to give confidential legal counsel to members of the public who have been incorrectly diagnosed as either having cancer or not having it.

Our solicitors have many years experience of dealing with medical negligence cases and will be able to offer helpful and accurate information in respect of your right to make a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim. There is no charge for this information, and no pressure put on you to proceed with a claim.

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What You Can Expect to Happen

We appreciate that you have already been through one traumatic experience and have no desire to put you through another. Therefore we have solicitors who are thoroughly adept at helping people after they have been through a severe emotional event in their lives.

You will find us understanding, helpful and courteous when you call, and our solicitor will ask you to explain in detail how you were originally diagnosed and what happened thereafter. We will also need to know what lifestyle changes have been made as a consequence of the incorrect diagnosis as these factors need to be integrated into your cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim.

If we believe that there is a case for a cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim that is worth your while to pursue, we will advise you of the procedures involved and the length of time that a case may take to come to court. It is your choice whether or not you want to proceed, and you may want to discuss this with your family before deciding on any specific action.

Our free advice service is confidential and discrete. Furthermore, there is no obligation on you in any way. The telephone lines on 1800 989 850 are open between the hours of 8.00am and 10.00pm, and we also offer a call-back service if now is not a convenient time to talk. Simply complete your details on our call-back form below, and one of our friendly legal team will be in touch.