1.4 Million Euros Cerebral Palsy Settlement Approved in Court

A young woman, who was found to have cerebral palsy shortly after her birth, has had a  of 1.4 million Euros cerebral palsy compensation settlement approved in the High Court.

Deborah French (24) of Ballymitty, County Wexford, was found to be suffering with cerebral palsy shortly after her birth in August 1987 at Wexford General Hospital. Her parents brought a claim for birth injury compensation against consultant obstetrician Harry Murphy and the South Eastern Health Board, alleging that Dr Murphy had been negligent in the hours before and during Deborah´s birth.

The case was settled without admission of liability by the defendants, a course of action supported by Mr Justice John Quirke as he approved the cerebral palsy settlement, stating that the conflicting opinions offered by medical experts may have put the family at risk of getting no compensation in a trial.

The judge recommended that the funds be released to Deborah´s parents in annual increments of 100,000 Euros.